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This is awesome!

"This is awesome! My son loves it and he's enjoying it right now. Thanks.

Not reading at all a month ago

"We've been using this for my 1st grader for less than a month. I'd like to add, he was not reading at all a month ago and today he read me 98/100 words from his brother's 2nd grade word list!

He loves this program

"I home school my first grader and he loves this program.

We both love it!!!

"I have been using this for the past week with my son, and we both love it!!! Thank you ESA!!

A WONDERFUL product!

"Thank you so much for a such a WONDERFUL product! My daughters are three and four years old and I had to tear them away from the computer today. You have provided another tool in my educational arsenal. May God bless your company and staff greatly.


"Love your program

Mrs. Diaz"
The only site I let my kids on

"This is the only site I let my kids on for computer time! Ages 5 and 7!


"By the way my daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES this site and is just whizzing through it (she is picking up things very fast and retaining) so thank you for a great program!

Love it!

"Signed up 3 days ago. Love it!

Flying through it

"My Gabby loves this . She is flying through it.

Great for extra practice!!!

"I just got this and my kids love it. Great for extra practice!!!


"My daughter does between 20-40 minutes almost everyday. SHE LOVES IT

Highly Recommend

"We started using it with my 6 yr old daughter a couple months ago and have been very pleased! It isn't as distracting as a lot of the other online programs are which, in my opinion, makes it much more effective! My daughter enjoys it and actually ...


"This program is great!

Grand daughter loves it

"My 4 1\2 yr old grand daughter loves it

I love it

"I love it and so does my daughter!!

Thank you guys

"My daughter absolutely loves Essential Skills Advantage. She is very eager to go on to the next activities and get 100's. Thank you guys

Stayed focused the whole time!

"My boys are 5 and 7. They love it and stayed focused the whole time! Awesome

He loves this program

"I home school my first grader and he loves this program.

A great tool!

"This program encourages independence and boasts minimized distractions, making it a great tool for busy homeschool families.

Fun, engaging and interactive.

"Gwyn my 8 year old has been utilizing Essential Skills Advantage for a few weeks now and is in love. All of the activities are fun, engaging and interactive.

....huge smile on her face

"Seeing my daughter get excited about reading and language arts and the huge smile on her face when she gets stars and 100% scores has been such a joy.

I am learning to read.

"I like the program. It's fun. I am learning to read, type and spell.

ESA Student"
Who will get their turn first!

"This has been the first reading skills program my son has been excited about. The only problem we’ve encountered is that the children argue over who will get their turn first!


"What was even more impressive to me about Essential Skills Advantage is that it was so engrossing. Roo sat at the computer for a solid hour and did not move ONCE. We’re talking about a boy who cannot utter a single sentence without turning around in a circle. And he sat in the chair for an hour working on this program. Incredible.

Multiple learning areas

"As a family, we have been looking for a program that our children would love to learn that had multiple learning areas. We found that with Essential Skills Advantage.

ESA focuses on learning.

"I liked how ESA focuses on learning, not games for children that are educational, but real learning!

ESA is the best!

"ESA is the best! It's really fun, but you also learn. I like the new spelling lists that they give you. I couldn't spell atmosphere, but now I can. After you learn the spelling words, they stay drilled in your head.

one of my favorite educational programs

"I have been using a few programs while homeschooling my son for the last few years and Essential Skills Advantage is one of my favorite educational programs.

"Mom, I'm winning! I'm a winner!"

"I've home schooled my son for 3 year years now. (This is our third year) Every year it's the same struggle to get him to do his math. He has autism, and the very presence of a worksheet sends him into a meltdown. I signed up for your program, and he started it. Every time, without fail that he uses it, and plays the games he squeals "Mom, I'm winning! I'm a winner!" Thank you so much for bringing the love of learning to a wonderful boy!

loved it...the kids did too!

"I have used your program multiple times for multiple subjects and loved it...the kids did too!

This has been a great program.

"This has been a great program and I fully plan on using it again next summer. Our son just skipped a full grade and our daughter was accepted into the gifted program! ESA was a huge part of helping make that possible!

My daughter loves this program!

"My daughter loves this program! She'll begin kindergarten in the fall, and I really believe this has helped her.

She loves it and so do I.

"I've just started using this for my 5 year old preparing her for kindergarten and its amazing. She loves it and so do I.

Love it!

"We just started this program and love it! My preschooler has enjoyed the lessons so far. She asks to do her schoolwork every day.

This is AWESOME!

"This is AWESOME! I currently work with ELL students. This will be a great tool they can use in the summer. I am also glad to hear the development team is going to create a mobile-friendly platform because many of my students who do not have access to a computer at home, have a mobile phone! THANKS!

This helps!

"This program is really helpful for me and my kids, im just starting the homeschooling for them this year and this helps! Thank you.

soooo addicted to this site

"My 3 year old is soooo addicted to this site....he cries when I pull him off! He just LOVES it! I'm amazed at how much he actually knows and can do too!

My daughter loves this program!

"My daughter loves this program! She'll begin kindergarten in the fall, and I really believe this has helped her.