About Essential Skills Advantage

Our Mission

We strive to change the face of education by providing each child with the confidence to pursue their dreams, and the skills necessary to do so, all the while enjoying every step along the way!

The ESA Home Learning Suite

Our Drive

"I've home schooled my son for 3 years now. (This is our third year) Every year it's the same struggle to get him to do his math. He has autism, and the very presence of a worksheet sends him into a meltdown. I signed up for your program, and he started it. Every time, without fail that he uses it, and plays the games he squeals "Mom, I'm winning! I'm a winner!" Thank you so much for bringing the love of learning to a wonderful boy!" - ESA Member, Cynthia

As a small team, we work very hard to guarantee incredible customer service, increasingly user friendly software and innovative activities and designs. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we get from our members pushes us to continue to play a role in the education of children around the world. Caring for the minds of children now means supporting and instilling the guarantee of success in the future. It all starts with education. We want to bring the joy of learning to every child!

Why we're Effective

The ESA programs have been developed by a highly experienced team of educational teachers, writers and developers. Our programs are used in 20,000+ schools throughout North America and countless homes around the world. Our programs cover the essential skills required to achieve success at any grade level. We provide thousands of activities to reinforce each child's understanding and motivate them every step of the way. ESA is an excellent additional resource to any school curriculum and will help improve performance and grades!

Essential Skills Advantage was created by educators as a unique online program that minimizes distractions, allowing children to focus on the task at hand. Thousands of skill-building activities support visual, auditory and tactile learning styles. Our courses offer each child the opportunity to work independently and at their own pace. With our new mobile- friendly software, our program can now be used on mobile devices to make sure that every moment has the ability to be a learning opportunity.

We firmly support the notion that each and every child can be successful, provided that the proper tools and encouragement are present throughout their academic experience. We also believe that the Internet is one of the most effective and contemporary available tools for reinforcing basic learning skills, while instilling the belief that learning can, and should indeed, be enjoyable. A passion for developing the minds of the future and a desire to let each and every child achieve their dreams is why we continue to work to the best of our ability to ensure their success and fulfillment.

Is ESA Right for you?

ESA is a fit for your family if you want to facilitate fundamental learning gains in your home, on your own terms. Our program is a supplement for any parent who is not completely pleased with the education of their child in whatever system they are involved in, be it homeschooling, tutoring, private or public schools. We have seen immense success with children on all sides of the learning spectrum and we give parents the complete control and flexibility to choose what Level is right for their child. Check out our testimonials to see our successes.

Our Programs

Our programs are based on leading educational research and the most thoroughly proven and effective teaching practices. Course options include: the Complete Home Learning Suite, the Premium Spelling, Language, Grammar and Creative Writing Suite, Complete Math K-6, Science: Comprehensive K-3 and Geography Comprehensive: 4-6. Check out our programs on our Home Page where you can view the curriculum offered with each program.