Program Outline

Earth and Space Science

Students learn about space and the world around them in this exciting new program. The concepts taught are drawn from the curriculum for Levels 1-3.

What's On Earth?

Unit 1: What's On Earth?

Level 1-3: Understand the difference between soil, water, rocks and air. Understand the difference between natural and man-made resources.
6 Lessons


Unit 1: Water

Level 1-3: Understand the difference between solid, liquid and gaseous states of water. Understand the changes of state that water goes through and how these changes are brought about. The unit looks at bodies of water, clouds and the water cycle.
12 Lessons


Unit 1: Air

This Level 1-3 unit focuses on air: that it takes up space, needs to be kept clean and its basic properties.
10 Lessons


Unit 1: Rocks

Level 1-3: Understand the names and properties of common rock names. This unit looks at the difference between rocks and minerals, uses of rocks and the rock cycle.
8 Lessons


Unit 1: Soil

This Level 1-3 unit teaches the basic principles of soil, what it is made of and the many different types of soil.
12 Lessons


Unit 1: Weather

This Level 1-3 unit emphasizes what weather is, how we measure and predict it, basic cycles, and how to deal with extreme storms.
20 Lessons

The Planet Earth

Unit 1: The Planet Earth

This Level 1-3 unit looks at the planet as a whole. It focuses on the major landforms, the different biomes and environments, and understanding geography and how it changes.
11 Lessons


Unit 1: Space

This Level 1-3 unit looks at our solar system, how the planets move and what that means for people on earth.
12 Lessons