Program Outline

Physical Science

The Physical Science Levels 1-3 program effectively introduces students to physics and builds their understanding of the physical world.


Unit 1: Properties of Matter

The purpose of this Level 1-3 unit is to understand basic terminology of physical properties - shape, texture, size, compare, property,natural, man-made. There is also a focus on being able to distinguish between two objects based on one or more characteristic.
9 Lessons


Unit 1: Energy

This Level 1-3 unit focuses on discussing the different forms of energy - motion, light, sound, electrical, what form of chemical, heat. Students will be presented with different energy sources and how they can be converted and used.
12 Lessons

Buildings and Machines

Unit 1: Buildings and Machines

The purpose of this Level 1-3 unit is to help students understand the basic building terminology, understand the basic structures - bridge, dam,tunnel, arch, dome, tower. Also, to understand sources for building material and what makes a building stable.
11 Lessons

Changing Matter

Unit 1: Changing Matter

This Level 1-3 unit focuses on discussing which states of matter common substances are in, the basic words used to describe states of matter and their changes such as melting, evaporating, freezing, condensing. Students will work on being able to predict some of these changes.
12 Lessons


Unit 1: Motion

Level 1-3: Understand the concept of motion and the many ways in which things can move. Students will learn the difference between push and pull motions and the concepts of gravity and friction.
13 Lessons


Unit 1: Heat

Level 1-3: Understand the basic principles of heat, what makes things hot or cold in the real world, how to read a thermometer and how heat is transferred.
20 Lessons


Unit 1: Light

Level 1-3: Identify man-made and natural sources of light, the basic principles of light, compare the strengths of different sources of light and various other activities.
9 Lessons


Unit 1: Sound

Level 1-3: Identify sources of common sounds, understand the basic principles of sound, how pitch can be affected by thickness or length of strings or size of Rock and Roll drum etc.
10 Lessons


Unit 1: Magnets

Level 1-3: Understand the basic words used to describe magnets, what makes something magnetic, the concepts of polarity and how people use magnets in everyday life.
10 Lessons