Program Outline

Math Operations 6

In this program students will utilize auditory and visual prompts to develop skills in the basic operations at Level 6. They will also develop comprehension and problem solving skills with interesting real world problems.

Math Operations

Unit 1: Addition

Level 6- Addition up to 6 digits by 6 digits, adding with negatives, adding more than two numbers, missing terms and word problems.
10 Lessons

Unit 2: Subtraction

Level 6- Subtraction up to 6 digits from 6 digits, subtracting with negatives, missing terms and word problems.
10 Lessons

Unit 3: Multiplication

Level 6- Multiplication facts to 12, common multiples, multiplying with negatives, 2-3 digits by 1-2 digit, more than two factors, exponents and word problems.
16 Lessons

Unit 4: Division

Level 6- Division facts from 144, dividing with negatives, long division (3-4 digits by 1-2 digit), greatest common factors, prime or composite numbers and word problems.
14 Lessons