Program Outline

Number Concepts 4

Understanding place value, rounding, skip counting, recognizing large numbers, working with decimals, fractions and problem solving are among the skills covered in this Level 4 math program. Rules and examples are provided to introduce new concepts.

Number Concepts

Unit 1: Number Sense

This Level 4 unit focuses on understanding, comparing and writing numbers to 100,000.
16 Lessons

Unit 2: Fractions

Level 4- Understanding, comparing and writing basic fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators.
13 Lessons

Unit 3: Decimals

Level 4- Understanding, comparing, writing, adding and subtracting decimals to hundredths.
13 Lessons

Unit 4: Mixed Operations

Level 4- Activities that help students practice converting between simple fractions and decimals to hundredths.
6 Lessons