The Complete K-6 Learning Program
Used in over 20,000 schools!
Massive K-6 Curriculum with over 14,000 lessons!
Re-licensed for home use!

The ESA Home Learning Suite

How can ESA's online learning platform help you?
Self-paced curriculum that your young learners will love!

Online K-6 Curriculum That's Fun!

Our content is used in over 20,000 schools and in countless homes in America and around the world. ESA supports individualized instruction & accelerated learning.

Our learning platform delivers our curriculum through fun and engaging learning activities they'll actually enjoy.

Our curriculum is comprised of 43 individual programs, 998 learning units totaling over 14,000 interactive learning activities to teach them all of the skills they need to excel.

Our content has been proven effective for over 15 years.

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Robust progress and performance measurement!

Progress, Marks & Report Cards!

The ESA Home Learning Suite comes with a robust student activity tracking system that allows you to view the progress and performance for each student on every single activity they take including highest score, average score, number of attempts and time spent.

Our system also allows you to print unit completion certificates and detailed report cards for every program separately. This includes every unit your student completes, including a description of the program and unit content with the student's average score throughout each section.

You select the grade, overall performance and add your own notes to each report card.

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Manage Multiple Students!

Keep track of their progress!

If you have a family of learners and want to get them all on board, customize you account with additional students. You can have each student under the same parent account. Their marks will be recorded separately so you can see how each child is performing.

Get your kids talking and working with each other to achieve their best with ESA. Progress, marks, and report cards can be personalized for each child. To add on an additional student is incredibly affordable, at only $0.99/month.

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You'll have the smartest kids on the block!

Happy Learning from all of us at ESA!